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Jamaican Cooking Course

This is the first step of one of my future plans. I have finally created my first cooking course on Jamaican cooking. Join me in my kitchen and learn to cook callaloo and fried dumplings, curry chicken or chicken back, and steam fish. The course is called Jamaican Cuisine 1.

Jamaican Cuisine 1 on Udemy

I have included a coupon for you to use to take this course and leave a feedback. Without feedbacks I won’t know what you think I should improve on.

Here’s the referral link:

What did I mean by ‘future plans’? A cookbook! Not a Jamaican one, but of recipes I have changed and created, from my childhood until now.

I want to hear from you on this course, both on Udemy and my website blog.

Use and share it. So listen to some reggae or dance hall music and cook some Jamaican food. Yuh hear mi?

Curry chicken back bubbling on the stove.
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Working on Projects

I have been keeping busy with my secular job, volunteer work and cooking class project. Plus, I have a potential client… deciding if she wants to go ahead with her business.

My cooking class project is finally at the stage of editing and voice over. Ugh, my voice is like a lullaby sometimes. We don’t need that in a class.

This not the dish in the class, well, only 1/2 of it is in the class.

I haven’t decided yet, if the lessons will be offered through my website or on another platform. Sadly, there’s not much traffic here…working on that.


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I’ve Got Sales!

Are you interested in owning a Le Creuset wok? Already seasoned, used 2 times by owner, and now sits waiting for an appreciative new owner.


Also available, a custom-made kid’s desk, colourful and fun. Client says that it has not been used by the child, but has been slightly abused by the child.

Kid’s desk

You can visit my Instagram page to see more pictures here.

Please, feel free to ask me any questions.