Client Connection

Overseas client needed to hire someone in another country to care for a family member. I collected the details for the job requirements, and created a job posting.

A live-in caregiver for elderly client suffering from an illness.
Location: **********.
• Prepare breakfast. Lunch preparation is not necessary, *******.
• Make sure he drinks lots of water.
• Prepare his clothes for his doctor’s appointment.
• Keep the downstairs of the house clean.
• Once a week, clean the bedrooms and bathrooms .
• Do laundry using the washing machine. Iron clothes.
• No duties on the weekend.
Available to you:
o Own bedroom, en suite bathroom.
o Use of the washing machine.
o Choice to share the family food supply or have your own.
Pay is $**,000/month, paid on the 29th of each month
Request that you go home once per month on the weekend.
*Job posting.  Some information has been left out out of respect for the family's privacy.

After communicating with the respondents of the above ad, I connected them with the client. This provided the client and her family with ease of mind, knowing they had someone to take care of such details for them. I also enjoyed the process. I like helping people, so this was fun.


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