First, why do you need a virtual assistant (VA)?

You can find virtual assistants all over the world as society becomes more digital. More and more businesses and individuals are finding that they need the help of virtual assistants to perform day-to-day tasks or specialised jobs. You should consider hiring a VA:

  • If you need someone to pick up the slack in dealing with some of the boring but important tasks of the business.
  • Because outsourcing is one way to reduce costs by hiring a part-time contractor.
  • To reduce training costs. The VA you need is already skilled in the service.
  • To save time. Your VA will only be focussed on the job you hire her to do, which means the work will be done quicker and more efficiently.
Feeling overwhelmed? Try the support offered by a virtual assistant.

TNJ Virtual Biz offers writing services to busy clients, mainly those in the culinary field including foodies, needing help with their writing projects. Please contact me, and let’s discuss the support we can offer you.

Even if you are not sure that you need a virtual assistant, still feel free to contact me below. We can discuss your concerns and goals. If TNJ Virtual Biz cannot help you, maybe I can recommend a VA more suited to your particular needs.

Creative Writing

Blogging, and writing.

Other Writing

Ghostwriting, editing and proofreading.


Starter Plan
Starting at US$240/Month
15 hours per month.
Your choice of services.
Entree Path
Starting at
30 hours per month.
Your choice of services.
Dessert Plan
Starting at
45 hours per month
Your choice of services.
Reach out to us for information on our hourly rate or the more convenient retainer packages.

Let’s build something together!